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Ratramnus and the Cynocephalus by redwattlebird Ratramnus and the Cynocephalus by redwattlebird
I was feeling kinda guilty I haven't uploaded much else except for comics and cartoons lately. So I whipped this up quickly. I wanted to draw something happy and impressionistic. <3 There are some things that really bug me but I did just sort of charge straight into it.

As a project for my holidays, I'm translating an old 9th century letter from Latin into English. It's called the "Epistola De Cynocephalis", or "Letter of the Dog-Headed people", and it talks about whether people who have dog heads should be considered a kind of human or not. And the writer says they should be treated like people. It's a bit of a surreal experience. xD

If you're curious, here's where I'm posting my translation as a go along: [link] I couldn't find any complete English translation of it, and I'm more used to translating Classical Latin, so if you have any knowledge of Medieval Latin at all I really welcome any advice/corrections that you want to give.
Morianrhod Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I think that you've captured the essence of the statement well in a appealing and harmonious way. The way that the neck doesn't just stop abruptly between dog head and man's body has added to the character of the Kynokephalos well, it is a well designed character.
I'm in love with the paintstroke style here- something that really adds to the impressionistic feel here, which also adds a rustic feel as well.
Just a point I'd like to make- the disappearance of the man's left hand is a little intriguing, but does not immediately jump out to the viewer.
redwattlebird Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I'm glad you liked the brushstrokes, they're very enjoyable to lay down. And I like it that you said it has a rustic feel, because in his letter he does talk about how the Cynocephali are farmers.
Heh, I was a little lazy about where to place the man's left arm and hand. ^^; The perspective and overlapping are a little dodgy, but then I probably should have drawn a sketch of their pose first to work it all out.
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June 25, 2011
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